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Donna McGeorge

Engaging Training

Engaging Training

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Do you work at the front of the room? If you want to expand your training skills, conquer your dread of public speaking, and have the confidence to talk off the script, you need to Get Engaged!

Donna McGeorge is fighting a war against mediocrity in training. She wants you to step up now to engage audiences and get your message across.

Whether you are an internal trainer who wants to improve your delivery, an external trainer who wants to get hired more, or an expert who wants to be better at the front of the room, Get Engaged! gives trainers of all competencies the tools to be the best they can.

Learn the habits of world class trainers and front of room experts. Find out how to excite your audience, communicate your message, and Get Engaged!

This accessible guide to better workplace training will help you develop your own style and confidence at the front of the room.

Discover how great trainers:

  • Use a growth mindset
  • Create a learning safety net
  • Frame the session for optimal take-up
  • Bring their authentic self to the front of room
  • Use visual, auditory, and special anchor
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