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Donna McGeorge



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got a problem, issue or situation that you could use some help with solving?  That's what the EpiphaMe cards are designed for.  Think about your problem, choose a card at random and apply it to your situation.

They provide processes that help you uncover your own existing inner wisdom.

Maree Burgess is a professional coach, mentor and facilitator.  Her super power is helping people get results FAST!

"We believe everyone has the internal resources they need to solve their own problems.  EpiphaMe asks just the right questions in just the right way so we can reveal the insight we need."

Donna McGeorge is an author, coach and facilitator.  Her superpower is helping people build high quality relationships.  

"EpiphaMe is the result of years of working with individuals and teams.  We wanted a way to make magic happen for more people more often"


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